What is MITHRA

MITHRA means Friend. As it's name suggests Mithra extends it's helping hand to all intellectually and physically challenged children and young adults to maximize their potential and become as independent as possible.

Towards this a variety of services are offered for the relief and rehabilitation of persons afflicted with disabling conditions like cerebral palsy, mental retardation,autism, downs syndrome and multiple disabilities.Services at Mithra are available to all the needy especially the POOR without any discrimination based on religion, caste,creed, gender or social status.

Challenge to Conquer

"Challenge to Conquer" Mithra's vision, in tune with it's motto "Challenge to Conquer" is to conquer disabilities and bring about a balance in a world of imbalance

Our Vision

Mithra's vision, in tune with it's motto ""Challenge to Conquer""is to conquer disabilities and bring about a balance in a world of imbalance.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for the physically and intellectually challenged to maximize their abilities and lead a life with dignity.


Philosophy of Mithra's services is to Perceive the Person, not the disability. Towards this it offers a wide range of services.

The primary aim of this department is to make the children as mobile as possible and provide maximum possible independence. For Special children basic exercise techniques like Passive movements, Activeassisted\exercise, Assistedresistance exercice, Strengthening exercise, Pelvic bridging and posture correction techniques etc are adopted.
Training also given to develop balance, gait and walking. In children with CP efforts are made to correct contractures of joints, relax the spasticity in muscles and training to use calipers and knee orthosis. Electro therapy also is available for outpatients to relieve pain in various parts of the body. Modalities like short wave diathermy,wax bath, Interferential therapy, electronic traction, ultrasound etc are used for this purpose.

Occupational Therapy

Many differently abled children do not reach many of the milestones in accordance with their chronological age. Occupational therapy sets the foundation for the 'habilitation' of such children to

  • Develop these milestones
  • Promote independence in all activities of daily living
  • improve attention and concentration
  • Achieve balance in walking, gait and improve higher functions of the brain such as sensation andcognition
Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps children for sound and language production ,It focuses on receptive language or the ability to express oneself,It also concentrates on production of words, articulation,pitch,fluency and volume.

Special Education

Special Education is given to children who have sub-average intelligence. Aim of special education is to make the child independent in activities of daily living. The first step of a special educator is to assess the child and find out what a child can do and can not do, then set goals, train the child to get to those goals with concurrent evaluation. Special Education is thus always an individualized effort. Special Education at Mithra is also complemented by Yoga, dance, art, music,skits and sports. Those whomake progress and are found more educable are prepared to pursue the opportunity available under National Open Schooling and appear for 10th Grade and 12th grade examinations.

Vocational Training

Young adults who are not educable beyond a level are provided skills through Vocational training with an aim to help them go back to society and earn a livelihood. Activities available in this sphere at MITHRA include

  • Tailoring and Embroidery : make thread and needle work based Greeting Cards, embroidered Handkerchiefs and Table cloths
  • Making of decorated candles and scented candles
  • Envelope making
  • Block and Screen Printing
  • Handloom Weaving to make swabs,bath and kitchen towels,jute bags and door mats
  • Paper Bags making. and
  • Horticulture and Vegetable farming
Medical and Health Care

Children are provided comprehensive and prompt health care and medication by the in-house physician with his supporting nursing staff. Health is also constantly monitored by periodic check up and surveillance. Medical help is also made available to the poor in the neighborhood.

Counselling and Social work

Parents and the family are given periodic counselling and support to continue therapy and life skill learning at their homes as well. Valuable inputs are also obtained from the consultant psychiatrist. Emotional support is provided to the family by the social worker.

Residential Facility

We provide residential facility to the needy and deserving . Separate dormitories are available for Boys and Girls. The hostel is backed up by a hygienic Kitchen and dining hall to provide Wholesome food.

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Mithra's vision, in tune with it's motto ""Challenge to Conquer""is to conquer disabilities and bring about a balance in a world of imbalance.

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